Our production site

We are moving our factory from
France to Hungary

Moving shop!

We will shortly be installing our factory equipment with updated robot assemblies in our new location. But first we need to get the whole thing "On the Road Again!"

Fox Automotive Production, Hungary
MIA is getting a lot of love
The MIA's Story

Just a quick overview

  • May 2019Roadshow

    Fox Automotive executives will be on hand in Dubai on May 2nd presenting the current state of our development. Later in May we will be touring Europe.
  • Q2 2019Hungary Production facility est.

    Our Hungarian facilities will begin installing the production lines adding up-to-date robotics to our existing production components
  • 2016Fox Automotive Switzerland AG

    Fox Automotive Switzerland AG, acquired 100% of all IP and physical assets of the MIA production.
  • 2011MIA production begins

    In the span of 3 years 1300 vehicles were produced with no or very low services requirements up to 150'000 km