MIA in action

From its launch the MIA BEV (battery electric vehicle) has proven to have a flawless track record of great reliability. Since 2011, almost 1,300 units have been driven by their owners with virtually zero maintenance costs while exceeding 150,000 km mileage.

4.3m turning circle

Perfect for getting around cities and narrow parking turns.

2.87m long

Compact car that fits 4 adults.

Sliding side doors

sliding side doors allow for easy access particularly in tight and narrow parking spaces.

Central driving position

The central position of the driver seat (patented) allows for excellent oversight and panoramic viewing.

The innovative “LIGHT” battery

Capable of a range of 200km, fast-charge and can be plugged into common 220V/16A sockets for re-charging.

Three types of cars

The MIA BEV (battery electric vehicle) line comprise three types of cars, all bearing the brand name MIA: MIA, MIA “L”, MIA “U”.